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LushICE is dedicated to creating extraordinary beverage experiences for you and your guests. Founded with an awareness that ice wasn’t living up to its potential, LushICE is a culmination of mixology, passion, science, art and socialization. We have elevated ice and created a company dedicated to cooler drinks.

Our extensive line of frozen products has something for everybody.


Clear Ice Collection

Our clear collection consists of crystal-clear, slow-melt, two-inch cubes, spheres and diamonds that are perfect for high-end spirits and discerning consumers. We’ve perfected crystal clear ice, and the custom possibilities are endless when you add extras from our list of over 30 fruit, veggie, herb and floral options.


Cocktail Collection

Making your favorite craft cocktail has never been easier or more beautiful. Our full range of cocktail cubes will impress your guests. Add your soda/juice/mixer of choice and spirit (if desired) and watch LushICE play mixologist to create your signature drink. We’ve got lots of options from Margarita to Mojito to Old Fashioned, and we can create just about anything you can dream up when you choose from our massive fruit/veggie/herb list.


Coffee, Tea, Lemonade Collection

LushICE isn’t just for the nightlife! We’ve also got ice that is the perfect addition to your coffee, tea, and lemonade. Whether you want the creamy delight of our coffee cubes, or the fruity blast of our tea and lemonade ice, you’re sure to mix up something you love.


All of the products above are sold by the dozen and can be shipped or delivered to select markets from our shop in Sheboygan, WI. If you happen to be near Sheboygan, make sure to stop in for one of our coffee, lemonade, tea or refresher drinks. The menu changes often, so there is always something new and delicious to try.

Thank you for choosing LushICE. Check out www.luxurylushice.com to and order. We’re so grateful that you’ve found us and we can’t wait to create your perfect ice.



Christina Hephner and the LushICE Team

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